Rejuvenate Yourself With A Stimulating Body Polish

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One of the most invigorating services offered at beauty and health spas is the body polish. Skin that is dry, rough and dull is unsightly. In addition, it is unhealthy skin begging for nourishing stimulation. Everyday wear-and-tear on the outer layer of skin, or epidermis, takes a toll on its natural resilience. For this reason, the top layer of the epidermis, known as the stratum corneum, is composed of dying cells that fall off. As this shedding of the outer-most layer of skin cells takes place, new living skin cells are exposed. However, the continual exchange of old skin for new may slow down for several reasons, especially, poor blood circulation.

Refreshing body polishes combine vigorous massage with a granular scrub to strip off the old skin cells. Additionally, the massaging action encourages greater blood flow into the tiny capillaries that reach into the underlying levels of the epidermis. The result is glowing healthy skin with unclogged pores, which allows natural skin oils to flow and lubricate the outer skin. Furthermore, body scrubs infuse granular salts, sugars or ground fruit pits with sensual scented oils that are calming, relaxing and impart a sense of well-being.

While anyone can perform their own body polish at home in a steamy shower, there is nothing more luxurious than being pampered with a full-body polish in a salon or spa. Additionally, recipes for homemade body scrubs abound on the Internet, but manufactured products offer an amazing selection of imported oils scented with intoxicating aromas, which whisk the weary soul to faraway dreamlands. Moreover, a thorough body polish leaves the body feeling rejuvenated and looking beautiful.