Shine On with A Shellac Manicure

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Developed by California Nail Design (CND), Shellac Nail Polish has brought a new wave of luster to the manicure market. This innovative nail polish represents several improvements over traditional nail polish products and is touted to be superior, safer and longer-lasting than gel nail polish. As Shellac nails gain popularity, here are 10 facts that give you better insight into this wonder product.

1. Formulation of Shellac

Known as a hybrid nail polish, Shellac is a clever combination of nail polish and

gel, making it a longer-lasting, easy to apply nail product than traditional nail


2. Durability

Shellac’s strength of formulation gives it the power to stay on flawlessly for a

minimum of 14 days and can last up to 3 weeks.

3. Naturally Beautiful Fingertips

This product is ideal for people who seek to enhance their natural nails. It is not

suitable for application on artificial nails.

4. Accelerated Drying Time

Developed as a UV-cured product, Shellac offers a quick drying time of 10 minutes

after application, under a CND UV lamp.

5. At Home or at the Salon?

Shellac is a professional product that is designed for salon manicures.

6. Incredible Shine

Super-lustrous shine that does not fade or dull over time is one of the defining

features of Shellac.

7. Chip and Smudge-Resistant

With Shellac, you have chip and smudge-free performance for 2 weeks or more, so you

spend less time on your nails and at the salon.

8. Trendy Colors to Suit the Mood

From nude, bare, blush to bold, rich and vibrant, Shellac comes in a range of shades

and colors that allow you to experiment and create the look you want for your nails.

9. Easy Removal

When it’s time to change your colors, removing Shellac takes a quick dip of your

fingertips in acetone at the salon.

10. Enhances and Protects

Technology combines with gloss and performance to create a product that looks

gorgeous, wears well, protects and strengthens your nails.