Choosing Between a Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage

08 Nov Posted by in Massage | Comments Off on Choosing Between a Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage

Now, most people who are not in the massage industry only vaguely understand the difference between a deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. This is not significant to the average person, but when going into the chair and relaxing, an individual should understand the differences and similarities between the two different styles.

Similar: With both massages, a person will enjoy stretching their muscles and tendons as the practitioner pays attention to this in both styles. Another similarity in both massages is a massage therapist is trying to increase blood flow with both massages. Finally, whether getting a deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage, a client will enjoy resting and a stress-free environment that allows them to relax thoroughly. In fact, this is the central premise of most massages as many people struggle to relax.

Difference: When getting a Swedish massage, a therapist will work on the entire body whereas deep tissue concentrates on specified areas and body parts. At the same time, when going in for a Swedish massage, most people are simply looking to feel good and relax. On the other hand, with a deep tissue massage, most patients are trying to address a severe pain or injury that plagues them regularly.

Whether a person wants to get a Swedish or deep tissue massage, they will thoroughly enjoy the experience. However, when a patient knows what they want and what they get out of each style, they can, without hesitation, decide which massage is best for their unique situation and pain and comfort tolerance.