Massage for Sciatica

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For centuries, civilizations have used massage techniques to provide relief for a variety of physical ailments. Although sciatica is indeed a very painful condition, massage therapy may prove to be a very effective method of relieving the discomfort. Here are some of the benefits of using massage therapy to treat sciatica.

Increases circulation
For people suffering from sciatica, message therapy should provide instant relief. The massage techniques used to treat sciatica will cause an increased blood flow to the lumbar region. The increased circulation will promote a quicker recovery without causing any potential side effects.

Enhances flexibility
When it comes to overcoming sciatica, increasing the body’s flexibility is an absolute must. Due to the fact that the massage will relieve the amount of pressure on the nerves, the client will be able to have a greater range of motion. Increasing flexibility is especially important for people that routinely report stiffness.

Relaxes the muscles
Message therapy helps to quickly reduce the amount of muscle tension within the body. The tingling and numbness normally associated with sciatica will be significantly minimized. The increased warmth will also reduce the chances of developing muscle spasms and ligament tightness.

Decreases dependence of pain medications
Although pain medications may reduce sciatic pain, they may also cause nagging side effects. A routine of message therapy should dramatically reduce a person’s reliance of various pain medications. Not only are some pain medications potentially addictive, but they can also cause digestive problems and a lack of energy. In some instances, message therapy may totally eliminate the need for pain medications.