Pedicures During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy your body changes in the most extraordinary ways. While carrying a child is a blessing, some of the side effects of an ever-growing frame can feel like a curse. The parts of your body that will take one of the hardest hits are your feet.

As your body attempts to accommodate the creation of a new life, the weight of the task is literally placed on your feet. In an ironic twist of fate, the more you grow, the harder it becomes to take care of the foundation that carries both you and your child. Besides feeling a bit sore, lack of access can make your, once cute, tootsies a bit less appealing.

Bigger Than Vanity

Feeling comfortable and beautiful during pregnancy can contribute to your happiness. A study by Elizabeth Armstrong of Princeton University noted a happy mother contributes to a healthy fetus, and ultimately that trend is expressed in early childhood. Taking that in mind, assuring your own comfort and care is essential.

On of the most direct and relaxing ways to assure you tackle the ‘foot challenges’ of pregnancy is to regularly treat your feet to a pedicure. If you are not in the habit already, start going to a salon or get a home pedicure set and attend to your feet at least once a week. Starting the trend early in your pregnancy will help build a habit of healthy foot care.

Healthy Foot Care Options

As your tummy grows, self-pedicures will become impossible. Bending over to reach, or even seeing your feet, will reach comically difficult proportions. Rather than become frustrated, try these healthy and relaxing options:

1) Spa pedicures – Choosing to visit a spa has the benefit of a relaxing environment alongside professional foot care. Hand foot massages and footbaths in therapeutic salts can work wonders for you, as your body demands more of your feet.
2) Partner Pedi’s – A George Washington University study showed that paternal involvement and approval during pregnancy contributed to the happiness of pregnant woman. Getting a loving foot rub and nail trim by your husband is an excellent bonding experience and a way to share intimacy.

Get creative with your pedicure routine. Whatever your choice, be sure to take care of your feet. They will carry you through your pregnancy.