Kiss Those Liplines Goodbye!

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lip linesFew signs show our age more than those fine lines around the mouth. They start to appear slowly as we grow older. For smokers and sun lovers, they form even earlier. Liplines don’t have to be inevitable, though. You can decrease current mouth creases and prevent new ones thanks to a growing number of products that target this sensitive area.

Consider this rundown of solutions

SUNSCREEN. Nearly all beauty experts agree that sunscreen is a must to head off premature aging of the complexion, including the mouth area. Select a sunscreen made for the face, with at least SPF 30, and wear it daily alone or under makeup. If layering sunscreen and cosmetics is not your thing, wear a foundation with a high SPF. Also, make sure to slather your lips with a sun-blocking lipstick or balm as fine lines can form in the lips and radiate outward.

RETINOIDS. Prescription-strength products with retinoic acid deliver the best results for smoothing liplines and keeping skin around the mouth supple. But cheaper, over-the-counter lotions with retinol can also be effective. Retnoids can heighten sensitivity to the sun, however, so it’s important to use them in combination with sunscreen.

HYALURONIC ACID. Fine lines around the lips are caused by the breakdown of collagen in the skin over time. Beauty solutions containing hyaluronic acid (also known as hyaluronan), which give lips a natural collagen-like boost, can keep the mouth area plump and contoured.

TOPICAL VITAMIN C. Vitamin C applied directly to skin can increase collagen production. What’s more, it can reverse sun damage, including lessening those fine lines caused by too much sun exposure. To be most effective, a Vitamin C face cream should contain around 10 percent of the active ingredient ascorbic acid.