How to Layer the Perfect Skin Care Products

21 Oct Posted by in Blog, Skincare | Comments Off on How to Layer the Perfect Skin Care Products

skin creamsYou may have the best skin care products in the world but if you’re not applying them correctly they may be ineffective. The following lists a variety of skin care products you may be using and the best way to apply them.

How to Layer

Always start your routine with a freshly cleansed face. Toners go on first. A good toner will help remove any irritants and bacteria that were left behind after cleansing. If you use any kind of spot treatment this should go on next. Give the treatment about ten minutes to penetrate before adding the next layer. Serum should be applied after any treatments. Apply moisturizer after serum and then sun protection. Sometimes these two layers can be combined if your moisturizer has an adequate amount of SPF. Putting on makeup is the last layer. If there’s anything you’re using that hasn’t been listed remember the general rule is to layer products from lightest to heaviest.

How to Apply

Simply knowing the best order to apply products is not enough to get maximum results. Knowing how to apply each layer is also important. For starters, use warm instead of cool water when cleansing. This will better prepare the skin and make it more receptive to the products. Warm water causes pores to open and blood vessels to dilate. Some professionals believe that rubbing all products into the skin is the best way to apply them since this stimulates blood flow. Others insist that pressing and patting is the best way to apply products. Using this method you start at the center of the face and work your way out. If you decide to rub, make sure it is done gently.