3 Foods for Stronger Nails

18 Oct Posted by in Blog, Manicure | Comments Off on 3 Foods for Stronger Nails

strong nailsEvery woman out there, at one time or another, has been faced with the problem of thin, brittle finger nails that seem as if they are constantly chipping and breaking. Although you could take vitamin supplements or use special kinds of nail polish specifically made to toughen your nails, there are also other methods you can use for stronger nails. For example, your diet can affect how tough your nails are. In fact, there are several wonderful foods that you can eat to get the tough, durable finger nails that you desire.

One example of a good that will help strengthen your finger nails is fruit. Not only is fruit great to snack on, but it can easily be put on your favorite desserts as well. An example of fruits especially good for your nails are dried apricots for Vitamin A, kiwis for Vitamin C, and bananas for Vitamin B6. These fruits, as well as many others, are not only good for nails, but they will also keep the rest of your body healthy as well.

Another example of a great good to promote healthy nails is meat. Lean meats specifically are best for your nails. Calves’s liver and kidney contain biotin, iron, and protein, all of which can help nails grow more strong and healthy. Read meats also contains many of the vitamins that help promote healthy nails.

Lastly, eggs are an excellent food source that can lead to healthier nails. Eggs contain protein, which can lead to tougher nails. They also contain calcium, biotin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. Eggs can help solve that constant problem of having brittle, easily breakable nails.

In conclusion, by eating healthier foods, you will be able to get the long, strong finger nails that you desire.