Scalp Massage Turns Traditional Massage on its Head

16 Oct Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Scalp Massage Turns Traditional Massage on its Head

Scalp MassageAlthough there is no doubt that a traditional massage can be very relaxing, many people prefer a scalp massage. By choosing to have their scalp massaged, individuals can relax while enjoying plenty of health benefits.

It’s possible for someone to massage their own scalp, but most people would rather have someone else do it. Getting a scalp massage from a friend or family member is great, but it’s usually better to pay a professional to do it.

A number of hair salons and spas offer scalp massages. However, a professional massage therapist can usually do it better than anyone. In some cases, coconut or olive oil might be used. Either way, getting your scalp massaged can yield a number of health benefits.

Improved Circulation

A scalp massage is capable of increasing blood circulation. The areas of the body that will benefit from increased circulation are the face and head.

Healthy blood circulation around hair roots encourages healthier hair growth. If the massage provider uses oil, dandruff can be removed while improving blood circulation.

Eliminate Headaches

Millions of individuals suffer from chronic headaches. Recent studies show that a simple scalp massage can relieve chronic tension headaches. If a person’s scalp is massaged while they’re having a tension headache, the massage can almost always eliminate the headache.

However, the massage provider must spend some additional time massaging close to the hairline. Many individuals who suffer from chronic migraines have benefited from regular scalp massages.

Feel Better

Another health benefit of getting a scalp massage is an increased sense of well-being. After a good scalp massage, most people feel content and relaxed. In many situations, a scalp massage might also include the face, which can actually reduce signs of aging.

Enhanced Sleep

A number of individuals suffer from insomnia. Studies show that a scalp massage can provide insomnia relief. Also, regular scalp massages can provide long-term insomnia relief.

Studies show that getting regular scalp massages can help a person fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. This type of massage can even help boost the energy levels of people who suffer from chronic fatigue. These are some of the ways that the scalp massage is turning the traditional massage on its head.