French Manicure With a Twist – Pink on Pink

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pink manicureThe classic French manicure use a pale pink shade on the entire nail with a bold white tip. While the traditional French manicure can make your nails look longer and give you a clean look, one of the hottest trends in the manicure world is a pink on pink manicure. Why not mix and match your favorite shades of pink to create nails that will grab the attention of anyone who sees you?

Choose one light shade of pink and a darker shade of pink. You can use any nail polishes that you want from any company, but make sure that one color is darker than the other. Paint the lighter shade of pink all over your entire nail, and let the polish dry completely. Go over just the tip of that nail with the darker color to create a bold and fresh look.

If you like the darker color more than you like the lighter shade, apply the lighter shade over each nail. After the polish dries, place a thin piece of tape on the edge of your nails. Cover your nails with at least one coat of the darker polish, and apply a second coat if needed. Once the polish dries, peel off the tape, and you’ll have lighter tips at the end. Cover the polish with a coat of clear nail polish to prevent chipping.

You can also add other colors or embellishments to give your classic French manicure a twist. When you paint the tips of your nails, dip the still wet nails in silver or pale pink glitter. A coat of clear nail polish will keep the glitter from chipping off your nails. You can also add just a small line of baby blue nail polish or another shade in between the two pink colors for a fresh twist. These ideas can help you take your traditional French manicure to the next level.