Stress Relief with Massage Therapy

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The modern world is very stressful. When the fast pace of your life becomes overwhelming, getting a massage can be one of the best means of relieving the stress. Massage has been used by humans for thousands of years to help relieve their stress. Here are a few things to know about stress relief with a massage.

Proven to Lower Stress Levels

Many studies have shown that massage has stress relief benefits. One of the ways massage best relieves stress is by lowering heart rate. It also lowers the rate of respiration. When you are laying down on the massage table with a trained massage therapist applying powerful massage strokes, it is an instant way to make the stress start to melt off.

As well as lowering the breathing and heart rates, studies have shown that even a single massage can lower the levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone because it is released when we are experiencing stress. A massage will reduce stress levels by reducing cortisol levels.

Insulin, another substance released in the body when it is stressed, has its presence in the body reduced by a good massage as well. There are many concrete measuring levels to prove that massage is an effective stress reliever.

Feels so Good

Most people don’t need this kind of proof to know that a good massage will help them to manage stress. All they need to do is to feel the relaxation they get as their muscles are kneaded by a talented massage therapist.

If you want to relax and reduce your stress levels, then you should try the rejuvenating effects of a massage. It only takes a little bit of time on a massage table to unwind and start feeling like a new person.