The Benefits of a Hand Massage after a Manicure

18 Sep Posted by in Blog, Manicure, Massage | Comments Off on The Benefits of a Hand Massage after a Manicure

Hands perform hundreds of important tasks every day. The flexibility and versatility of the human hand is due to the fact that each hand contains 27 different bones. These bones are loosely connected by numerous muscles, tendons and ligaments that can be easily stretched or strained by all of the daily stresses to which the hands are subjected. Strained muscles and connective tissue may even cause the bones in the hands to shift, which leads to pain and discomfort. The pain may be so severe that a person cannot use his or her hands to work effectively or enjoy hobbies.

One great way to keep hands feeling great is by receiving a regular hand massage. Although a hand massage is not a replacement for medical treatment in the case of a severe injury, a regular massage helps keep the muscles supple and relieves stress and strain caused by daily activities. A gentle massage can also help alleviate arthritis pain and joint stiffness and improve circulation in the fingers, palm and wrist. The skin of the hands is prone to damage from excessive hand washing, dishwashing and other daily tasks, so using lotion or oil during a hand massage softens and moisturizes the skin.

During a manicure, the hands are the center of attention. A manicure keeps nails healthy and beautiful, and a hand massage does the same thing for the hands. Many manicurists are trained in administering hand massages as well as caring for nails, so be sure to request a hand massage at your next manicure to keep your hands healthy and strong.