Beauty is Skin Deep

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Though both a cosmetologist and an aesthetician are in the business of beauty, it is the cosmetologist that brings out beauty in a person, and it is the aesthetician that is concerned with how overall health affects one’s appearance.

The cosmetologist uses various beauty products to make cosmetic improvements to a clients’ appearance. The aesthetician, on the other hand, goes beyond mere cosmetic improvement. Aestheticians employ the use of skin treatments to help clients look their best.

For example, an aesthetician might recommend a facial for improving the skin’s condition, where a cosmetologist would apply make-up to cover up the skin’s condition. Aestheticians address the underlying issues of appearance.

Aestheticians might also take a more holistic approach to treating clients, such as recommending a special diet to improve the skin’s condition, and general physical well-being.

The aesthetician is not concerned just with facial appearance, as a cosmetologist is, but also with the hands, feet and body. The aesthetician might recommend exfoliation of the feet, or a moisturizing treatment for the hands. Other services provided by an aesthetician might be hair waxing, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.

The skilled aestheticians takes time to study and understand the issues of a client, and treats the client accordingly, within the limits of their training. The aesthetician might refer a client to a specialist for problems beyond the scope of training. Often, aestheticians work closely with dermatologists, and in fact, may be found in the same office as a dermatologist. The aesthetician helps dermatology clients maintain the positive effects of medical treatments, by pampering the client with beauty treatments.

Aestheticians truly understand that beauty is skin deep.