Kick Off the New School Year With a Spa Day

11 Sep Posted by in Blog, Massage | 1 comment

Summer is an exciting time for children. Days are filled with endless playing, vacations, and fun in the sun. For parents, summer isn’t always quite as exciting. If we’re not refereeing a sibling rivalry, we’re fixing lunch or lugging giant bags of beach equipment to the car for a day at the shore. Our time is focused on our children’s needs 24 hours a day which can make us truly appreciate those eight hours our kids spend at school.

The stress of summer is slowly slips away as we watch our children march to the bus and off to a day of learning. Perhaps we have time for one more cup of coffee in blissful silence at the kitchen table. Reading the paper becomes much more relaxing as we are not treated to a chorus of our children’s favorite morning cartoons. We might even be tempted to take a nap and enjoy the peace and quiet, but the best way to wash away summer stress is a well-deserved spa day.

Although a one hour massage may do the trick, taking a full day of spa treatments will make for a true back to school rejuvenation. Consider scheduling a mani-pedi after your massage. A facial could take years off your face and erase the memory of too many episodes of Dora the Explorer. While you’re at it, try a new spa treatment. After spending a summer planning adventures for our children, we deserve a relaxing new adventure for ourselves. Perhaps a mud bath or a body wrap will become your new favorite way to de-stress.

As parents, we truly cherish our children. But, that does not mean we don’t need “me time.” Scheduling a spa day on the first day of school is a great way to kick off fall and maintain a healthy, happy family.


  1. Julie Chesnut09-11-13

    Tomorrow is my Birthday, any room to have a few things done? 🙂