What to Expect During your Facial

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Most of us know the basics of good skin care: wearing sunscreen, cleansing with a gentle cleanser, and keeping our skin moisturized. However, many of us still experience occasional breakouts, dry areas or other problems with our skin. Whether you’re experiencing trouble with your skin due to pollution, hormonal changes or stress, a facial is a great way to get your skin back into shape. The right facial can help you to clear up breakouts, restore lost moisture and leave you with a healthy glow. The process might seem a little intimidating if you’ve never booked a facial before, so here are a few things you can expect at your first appointment.

Preparing for the Appointment

Make sure that you have any questions about your skin prepared to ask the esthetician. The esthetician will be able to address any concerns you have about pain, allergies, breakouts or dryness. You won’t need to wear anything special for the appointment, since you’ll most likely be given a robe to wear during the treatment. If you are undressed and under the covers during the treatment, the esthetician will use draping techniques so that you are properly covered.

Types of Facial Treatments

A basic facial will typically include five steps: deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage of the face, application of a mask and the addition of moisturizers. Depending on the type of facial, steam may be used to open and cleanse the pores. If extractions are included, the esthetician will use a tool or gloved fingers to remove blackheads and whiteheads from the skin. Extractions can sometimes cause discomfort, so remember to speak up if you’re not feeling comfortable with the process.

After the Facial Treatment

Normally the skin can be a bit red after a facial treatment from the techniques used to cleanse the skin. This should fade within a few hours. Most estheticians recommend treatment every month for the best results, but you may find that this schedule varies depending on the weather and your skin type. Facials more often than once per month are usually not recommended, since the skin needs time to recover between treatments.