Improve Your Quality of Life by Relaxing at a Day Spa

30 Aug Posted by in Blog, Spa Treatments | Comments Off on Improve Your Quality of Life by Relaxing at a Day Spa

Much of modern Western society places intense value on openly productive action. In fact, some might even consider the processes of decompressing, destressing, and relaxing to be wasteful or negative. But many medical studies are showing us that the saying “Stress can kill” isn’t just a saying. It is the literal truth. How can an occasional visit to a day spa improve your quality of life?

The Art of Doing Nothing

This is actually more difficult than it sounds, especially when we spend so much of our lives stuck in high gear. We must actually schedule time to simply do nothing, but it is worth it, all the same. When we relax deeply, we release muscular and psychological tensions we didn’t even know we were harboring. This enables us to return to the routine tasks of life refreshed and with a clearer sense of purpose. It can actually increase productivity when we are actively focused once more.

Human Contact

It might surprise you to notice how little we touch other human beings. That’s why having contact with a pet is an acknowledged stress reliever. Touching other people and being touched in a trustworthy and comfortable environment has a similar effect on blood pressure and psychological stress factors.

Valuing Yourself

Even just scheduling a facial, pedicure, or brief massage can boost your self esteem. Not only will you feel refreshed after a brief stint of relaxing and being cared for, the act of indulging in these little treats actually carries an unspoken message of value, from you to you. Feeling worthy, and experiencing self-value on a deep level will render your outlook more positive. This in turn will translate physically. You will be more productive, more upbeat, and have more energy.

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