What You Need to Ask Before Your Massage

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When you book a massage, especially if it is your first massage, there are a few important questions you should ask in order to make the proper preparations before your therapy session. Making these inquiries in advance will help you learn what you need to know and increase your chances of having an excellent, healthy experience.

1. What Should I Eat and Drink and When?

Drink plenty of water the day before a massage. It is best not to drink too much right before the massage therapy session so that you do not need to use the restroom in the middle of the rubdown. Food should be light an minimal the day of your treatment. Try vegetables, yogurt, or fruit so that you will be satisfied without feeling full at your session. Most spas will tell you not to eat anything two hours before a massage.

2. Will My Medical Conditions Affect the Treatment?

Make sure you communicate with your masseuse if you have a physical ailment or are feeling discomfort in certain parts of your body. Massages are not always gentle, and requesting the wrong kind or not speaking up if you are experiencing discomfort can worsen the problems you came to improve.

3. Can I Get a Massage After I Work Out?

Post-workout is an excellent time to get a massage because your muscles are already warmed up. A massage regimen is excellent for people who constantly actively engage their muscles. It is a good idea to stretch out before and after a massage, even if you are not on a regular workout schedule.

4. How Long and How Much?

A high quality massage usually lasts longer, between one hour and 90 minutes, and costs more because of the kind of body worked being performed in addition to its duration. A short massage will be more affordable but may not be the best choice for someone in need of special attention for stress knots and other issues. Spas have different pricing scales depending on their location, clientele, and the quality of their masseuses. Be sure to price compare and find out what length of time is best for you before considering a massage regimen.