4 Things You Should Do Between Pedicures

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If you don’t get pedicure treatments as often as you’d like, there are a number of things you can do to keep your feet looking their best in being visits to the salon. Here are some foot care tips that will prevent you from feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable the next time you get a pedicure.


Give yourself spa treatments at home to keep the skin on your feet silky and smooth. Lotion your feet immediately after getting out of the bath or shower with a moisturizer that contains vitamin E or shea butter. These ingredients rejuvenate the skin and protect the skin from sun damage and free radicals.


Exfoliating is essential for skin care, including your feet. Mix two tablespoons of salt or sugar with half a cup of olive oil and spread this over your feet. The mixture will slough off dead skin cells and clean out impurities from the pores while providing intense moisture.

Cut and File

Part of feet maintenance is cutting and filing your toenails according to how quickly they grow. This should be done once a week or so to give rid of hangnails and keep the toenails even so that getting a new pedicure will be a snap.


Rubbing a combination of coconut oil and lemon juice on your toenails helps to remove the yellowish tinge that appears on the nails after polishing them excessively. Coconut oil also strengthens the nails and cuticles and gives the toenails a healthy appearance. Treating the feet with this solution about a week before the pedicure will help polish to go on smoother and style on longer.


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