Tips to Strengthen Your Chipping and Weak Nails

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Weak and brittle nails are a common complaint among many people. Besides looking unsightly, nails are also more vulnerable to damage and injury. In serious cases, poor structural integrity of the nails can limit certain aspects of daily life, particularly where manual work is involved. Weak nails can be caused by nutritional neglect, improper care and several types of fungus. However, it’s a fairly easy problem to remedy.

Vitamin C

If you supplement with vitamin C or eat more citrus and leafy greens, you’ll be doing your nails a big favor. Your body uses this nutrient to create collagen, a protein that makes up your hair, nails, skin and connective tissues. More collagen equals stronger, healthier, more attractive nails. It will also make them more resistant against fungal infections.


If you like gelatin dessert, you’re in luck. Gelatin is readily used by your body to make keratin, a ubiquitous component of nails. This makes you far less likely to experience chipped and broken nails. If you’re not a fan of gelatin dessert, you can always add a bit to soups, smoothies and hot beverages.


As strange as it sounds, gardening is a fantastic way to strengthen nails, at least if you avoid wearing gloves. Spending all that time with your hands covered in soil means your nails have an opportunity to absorb the abundant minerals it contains. After just a week of gardening, many people notice dramatic improvements. As an added benefit, you get to enjoy plenty of sunshine, fresh produce and beautiful flowers.

Don’t Overdo Manicures

Manicures are a nice treat for yourself, but they’re pretty harsh on your nails. All of that filing and painting can dry them out, making them brittle and vulnerable. If you can, find a nail salon that uses gentle methods and all-natural products. It’s also a good idea to wait at least one week in between treatments to give your nails time to recover.