Take a Break from Your Desk Job, Get a Massage

31 Jul Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Take a Break from Your Desk Job, Get a Massage

It’s no secret that working hard and remaining stationary at a desk job can end up causing a great deal of physical and mental stress. Not only can you end up with body stiffness and low energy levels from sitting at a computer all day, but you can also end up being less productive at the job itself. Starting a massage therapy regimen helps relieve your stress and get rid of painful muscle knots while providing necessary relaxation from your work.

One major problem with desk jobs is that we tend to sink into bad posture. Even if you have an ergonomic chair and keyboard, your body tends to shift and settle uncomfortably when you sit for hours on end. You can get muscle knots and soreness throughout your arms, legs, and back from tensing yourself over the keyboard or sitting back in an odd position. If you take a break for massage therapy, you get a break from these discomforts and release the built-up tension in your body.

Another issue with working on a computer and sitting still for most of the day is that it restricts proper blood flow and leaves many of your muscles unused. Your legs and back can develop painful muscle knots. Thankfully, massage therapy can help relieve this pain. Part of the reason we feel so inexplicably sore after a day of sitting still is that typing actually tenses up muscles throughout the neck, back and arms. It’s always best to take a break when needed, but visiting a massage therapist will help you actually conquer the pain.