Relieving Muscle Knots With Massage Therapy

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Almost everyone has experienced muscle knots and the associated pain, which will often radiate out from a particular area and cause general discomfort. Those who suffer from them may wonder exactly how muscle knots develop and, more importantly, what they can do to relieve the pain they cause.

Muscle knots are medically referred to as myofascial trigger points. The knot is actually a spasm that occurs after the muscle is brought into tension and then refuses to contract. The condition can result from a trauma suffered in an accident or while playing sports, or even from such mundane activities as sitting in a chair for a long period of time or holding a telephone in a certain manner. Physiologically, the contraction is believed to be related to the excessive release of the chemical acetylcholine, which causes a reaction of the nerves located in the affected area.

Getting rid of muscle knots may be as simple as changing one’s personal habits, but it may require professional assistance. Many of those who suffer from the condition have turned to massage therapy, which can improve circulation and relieve the tension associated with muscle knots. A massage accomplishes this through the exertion of force in a controlled manner, and which is carried out by a professional who is knowledgeable of the composition of the human muscular system.

After locating the knotted muscle, the massage therapist will admininister hand strokes to the area in order to increase blood circulation. The therapist will then apply direct pressure to the area in order to reduce the oxygen supply in the blood, which forces the muscle to release from its tensed state.

Massage therapy is directed at muscles throughout the body, which is why those who suffer from muscle knots should consider seeking the services of a licensed massage therapist for relief.