Exfoliate Your Back with a Facial

16 Jul Posted by in Blog, Skincare | Comments Off on Exfoliate Your Back with a Facial

For many of us, summer means pool time or a trip to the beach, awesome fun you won’t want to let unsightly skin on your back keep you from. In the shower, however, it is often hard to cleanse and treat your back properly, and many of us just don’t have the time to use special brushes or products. This is where a back facial can come in to improve your appearance in a swimsuit this summer.

A back facial is similar to a facial you would receive to your face, but it is meant specifically for the skin on your back. Products used on you will depend upon your skincare professional’s opinion on your skin type or issues. The facial starts with cleansing and exfoliation and ends with a clarifying mask and final product. Often massage is also utilized somewhere in the process to ease tension in the region.

Exfoliation is one of the primary functions of a back facial. Through exfoliating the skin, old cells at the skin’s surface are removed in order to make way for newer cells arising from the lower dermis. When you exfoliate, your skin is not only given a smoother, younger appearance, but product is also able to penetrate the skin more effectively. Exfoliation can be mechanical, using scrubs or brushes, or chemical, using enzymes or acids that loosen the substance holding cells together.

Whether you live in a warmer climate and expose the skin of your back often or whether you are just seeking to look great on your vacation this summer, a back facial can help put your skin at its best. Not only does a back facial remove built-up cells in order to lessen the appearance of aging, it also can help improve acne, acne scars and skin tone. Specialized products and chemical peels can be made part of the process to help you achieve a more even, unblemished tone.

For more information, contact a local spa about receiving your back facial today!