Proper Posture and Massage Go Hand in Hand

24 Jun Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Proper Posture and Massage Go Hand in Hand

Massage therapy can relieve muscle pain, increase flexibility and range of motion, speed healing and stimulate overall health. Good posture keeps your muscles and joints from being strained. When your body is perfectly aligned, every part works in harmony. Proper posture increases the strength of your muscles, improves your energy level, improves circulation and breathing.

Massage therapy and and proper posture go hand in hand in encouraging overall health. Conversely, if either is lacking, it will reduce the benefits of the other. The health benefits of proper posture are reinforced by massage therapy. But the advantages of massage therapy can also be retarded by a lack of consistent posture. Improper posture creates tension in muscles that works against and can even undo the flexibility and strength gained from massage therapy.

Message therapy releases chemicals in your body that lessen depression and anxiety, raises alertness, and relieves migraine pain. Improper posture has the opposite affect. The tension created from improper posture puts your body in a state of stress that raises anxiety, causes fatigue, and results in headaches and migraines. The good news is that massage therapy encourages proper alignment of muscles and can mitigate the effects of poor posture. Therefore, massage therapy and proper posture reinforce each other and
are both important tools for taking care of your body.