Massage Aids to Lower High Blood Pressure

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Lifestyle Modification

Many individuals have high blood pressure with symptoms of blurred vision, headaches and tinnitus. In addition, the long-term condition of hypertension frequently leads to permanent damage of arteries. As arteries are damaged by high blood pressure, individuals are more likely to experience life-threatening heart attacks or strokes. Lifestyle modification is vital to lower dangerous high blood pressure. Individuals should attempt to lose excess weight while consuming a healthy diet of nutritious vegetables, fruits, lean meats, grains and dairy products. At the same time, finding ways to de-stress and relax aids in lowering high blood pressure.

Calming Atmosphere

A soothing massage on a regular basis from an experienced aesthetician is an excellent way to lower high blood pressure. Spas and beauty salons where professional massage treatments are provided are designed to make clients feel pampered and special. As a client enters the beauty salon or spa, the atmosphere begins to calm the mind and body. Aestheticians strive to have a tranquil environment in the facility with serene colors and fabrics. The private massage rooms are equipped with comfortable tables and chairs for therapy sessions. An aesthetician will play a client’s choice of relaxing music designed to assist the de-stressing process.

Specialized Techniques

Clients can choose from a variety of localized or whole-body massages to lower high blood pressure. A foot massage will begin with a warm footbath that swirls water to cleanse the skin. The aesthetician will then knead the feet with smooth strokes that increase blood flow through vessels and arteries. Localized massages on the neck, shoulders or back are also popular for increasing relaxation. A client may prefer to de-stress with a whole-body massage using specialized shiatsu or Swedish techniques. Having a massage twice a week with an expert aesthetician aids in lowering high blood pressure.