Hair Treatments Moisturize After Sun And Pool Exposure

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Whether you color your hair or keep it natural and free, you put it at risk for damage when enjoying summer activities like swimming and spending time in the sun.

Prolonged sun exposure dries hair out leaving it brittle and prone to breakage. This is especially dangerous for colored, permed, or permanently straightened hair as it has already been weakened with chemicals before being assaulted by the sun’s rays.

Those who color their hair are more prone to walking away from lengthy pool exposure with lightened locks due to the bleaching effect of the sun and chlorine. Chlorine, which maintains a clean swimming environment, can also dry out your hair.

Beach bums, beware: sun, wind, and salt from the ocean are just as harmful to your tresses as pool chemicals. Fortunately, there are hair treatments available to rescue damaged hair and strengthen it against the elements so that you fair better next time you enjoy fun in the sun. Look for products made to moisturize dry hair, especially those with argon, mint, and Moroccan oils. Using hair repair shampoo at least once a week is a must. Condition daily and replace your usual product with a deep conditioner once a week. If using a hot oil treatment or other deep conditioner, put on a shower cap to lock in heat during the process and allow your hair to better absorb the nutrients it needs. Be sure that you are paying special attention to the ends of your hair when conditioning.

Once your hair is restored to its natural state, there are little things you can do to protect it the next time you go to the pool or the beach. Slather on a leave-in conditioner, preferably one with UV protection before leaving the house. Prior to entering salt or chlorine-treated water, wet your hair with plain water to stop it from “drinking” harmful chemicals. Your hair will thank you.