Mother and Baby Benefit from Pregnancy Massage

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Massage therapy helps people alleviate aches and pains when muscles are tight. It only makes sense that pregnancy massage has the same effect for women during their time of maternity. Prenatal massage benefits a mother and baby and includes many other aspects that lead to a positive pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage helps alleviate many of the discomforts that women feel when they are carrying their baby. Often, maternity also involves challenges such as upper back pain, leg cramps, edema and headaches. These problems can be alleviated by incorporating massage therapy into a scheduled routine.

Massage helps increase circulation of the blood, and this provides nutrients and oxygen to essential parts of a woman’s body. Toxins are released, and the lymphatic system is stimulated when muscle knots are worked on and ligaments are stretched. This helps generate a positive flow of oxygen and nutrients to the growing baby as well.

Maternity is a time when a woman is unable to use prescriptions to ease pain or anxiety. Fortunately, pregnancy massage soothes the nervous system and releases endorphins which help an expecting mother sleep more comfortably, relax and feel at ease. Bodywork also helps a woman prepare for childbirth. It teaches a woman to relax and calm her system down. This aspect helps when the time comes for the baby to greet the world.

Good posture is also an essential part of keeping a person healthy. When a growing baby is taking shape inside of a woman’s body, it can be difficult for that expecting mother to deal with changes in flexibility and muscle rigidity. Alleviation of these challenges can occur when a trained technician kneads the muscles and relieves tension.

This type of massage is often performed by having a woman lay on her side and propped up with a couple of pillows. Maternity cushioning systems are also available, and these provide a way for an expectant mother to lie face down. Stretching and self massage is encouraged in between sessions which usually occur biweekly. Weekly sessions are encouraged once a woman passes the third trimester.