Heading to the Beach? Tips for Shaving Before you Go

Summer time is the best to show off smooth, toned legs, but shaving them too soon can lead to breakouts and pain. Shaving your legs the right way and at the proper time can prevent the feeling of your legs burning at the beach and save you from unsightly razor burn.

The first trick is to shave properly. Take your time and don’t rush through shaving. Start by exfoliating well and always soak in warm water for 5 minutes of so before shaving to soften the hair and moisturize your skin. Shave upwards, against the direction of hair growth, and avoid shaving over any bumps or irritated areas. Use a good shaving cream or gel and a fresh, sharp razor made for women. Using regular soap or a cheap razor is a fast track to nicks, razor burn, or stubble. Be sure to moisturize when you are finished and exfoliate daily to avoid ingrown hairs.

Do not shave on the morning of your beach trip. It’s best to give your skin at least 24 hours to rest and heal between shaving and hitting the beach. Otherwise, the small nicks and abrasions that shaving leave behind will be irritated by the salt water, causing stinging and burning. This irritation can also cause the ugly red bumps known as razor burn and underarm and bikini areas are even more prone to this than legs.

To help protect your skin even further, you can apply a good lotion, oil, or shea butter cream to your legs before going to the beach if you shaved the morning before. This will help make them look even smoother and will soothe the skin and seal out some of the salt water. Some people use Vaseline for this, but it can be too greasy and cause sand to stick to your skin.


  1. Finishing Touch Elite09-23-13

    The right combination of razor, shaving cream and proper shaving strokes might give the best result. Thanks for the tips.