Selecting Your Personal Eyebrow Design

Selecting the right eyebrow design for your face can make you look slimmer, fresher, and create the illusion that you are wearing makeup even when your face is au naturel.

Currently, the fashion trend for eyebrows is to grow them in as thickly as possible while creating a slight, structured arch just below the “rooftop” of the brow. In general, this is a flattering look for most women because it accentuates the eyes; those of us for whom this is a biological impossibility need not despair. There are tools available to flesh out petite eyebrows without creating that frightening tattooed look.

No matter the shape you are going for in your personal eyebrow design, begin by placing a pencil straight against your nostril. The point of the pencil marks the start of your eyebrow. If your hair grows out past the point, use your best judgement in plucking it back to avoid a unibrow. Hair that stops just short of this line can be filled in lightly with pencil and powder that matches your hair color and blended in with a spooly brush. Eyebrows that are too short or sparse make the face appear fuller and the eyes smaller. Remember when you are filling in this or any other bald spots in your brow not to color too far outside of your natural line. The goal, after all, is to maximize the assets you have already.

Tilt the pencil to a 45 degree angle so that it points to your natural arch. This may be a slight “U” or a soft, inverted “V” depending on your bone structure and the pattern of your hair growth. Pluck from the bottom of your brow bone upwards to achieve the arch you prefer. Do not pluck too high into your brow line or you will wear a look of constant surprise or ire until your hair grows back. This area should gently taper down from the thick beginning of the brow, with the “tail” strong but thinning slightly at the end.

Finally, carefully tilt the pencil until it rests just below the outer corner of your eye. This should be the end of the brow. Again, if you have overgrowth, use your best judgement in tapering it back so that it continues to blend with the rest of the brow. This area develops the highest amount of stray hairs and is easy to overpluck. To prevent the accidental thinning of any portion of the eyebrow, brush out the hairs in the direction of their natural growth and fill them in as needed. Anything outside the line you have created is fair game for removal.


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