The Beautifying Effects of the Lactic Peel Facial

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People of a certain age might remember films about Cleopatra showing her bathing in a pool of donkey’s milk. This was because of the beautifying effects of the lactic acid, which were known even back in Cleopatra’s time. Now men women and teens can benefit from a lactic facial peel.

Lactic facial peels may be preferred over other sorts of peels because they’re gentler on the skin. This means, among other things, that when a person has a lactic peel there’s little recovery time. They’re also excellent for people who have sensitive skin. But lactic facial peels can also be used for skin that’s oily or dry and on the skin of older people.

The beautifying effects of lactic facial peels include the skin being exfoliated. This means that the dead and dry skin cells on the very top of the epidermis, called the stratum comeum, are removed to reveal the fresh and firm skin beneath it. A lactic peel also fades age spots, corrects hyperpigmentation and deep cleans pores. Best of all, a lactic peel stimulates the body into producing its own collagen, a material that’s found beneath the layers of skin that gives skin its suppleness.

Most people who have a lactic acid peel have more than one to get the results that they wish. The person’s skin is first thoroughly washed and all facial oils removed as much as possible to allow the peel to penetrate the skin. When the peel is applied, the dermatologist will time it to make sure that it doesn’t stay on too long, for even a lactic acid peel that’s left on too long can irritate the skin. After that, the peel will be removed. The skin may be a bit red for a few days, but this will fade. The person should also wear sunscreen if they need to go out during the day.

The great majority of people not only recover quickly from a lactic peel but are quite pleased with the eventual results.