Enjoy The Refreshment of a Body Polish

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If your skin needs a vacation, a body polish is the perfect cure. This luscious, exfoliating spa treatment pampers you from the shoulders to your toes. You’ll leave the spa feeling refreshed with softer, more radiant skin.

Body polish is made with an exfoliating medium such as salt, sugar, ground apricot kernel or even coffee grounds is mixed with luxurious beauty oils. Special polishes can also utilize botanical extracts and essential oils to meet the needs of your skin type.

During your session, you will either be draped for your comfort or offered special disposable garments to use. You will lie on a massage table that is covered in a protective plastic sheet. While you enjoy relaxing music and the fragrance of the polish, your spa technician will gently massage the body polish into your skin.

In addition to buffing away dead skin, body polishes increase circulation. This improves the overall health of your skin and body. The luxury oil in the polish is a refreshment for your skin, soaking in to hydrate and protect while any added botanicals nourish.

After the polish has been applied, you will either be allowed to shower or gently rinse off on the massage table. Some of the oil will be left on your skin. Once your skin is clear of all polish granules, your technician will finish by applying lotion.

Body polishes are stimulating for you and your skin. Your skin will be soft, supple and glowing. You might even enjoy an extra bounce in your step. Body polishes are a great way to revive tired skin and boost your confidence.