Massage Therapy for Your Pre-Teen

25 Mar Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Massage Therapy for Your Pre-Teen

Massage therapy has been known for years to have great effects on both the body and mind for adults. It is known for relieving pain and stress, having an astounding effect on mood and behavior as well as an overall cleansing effect on the spirit. Why would this therapy not be used for pre-teens then? It is often that kids in this stage often suffer from the worst stresses. They have school, relationship issues, body change and image issues as well as the outside pressures they face from their friends and the world in general.

You can help your pre-teen by getting them into a massage therapy regimen early. The massage will help them relieve the stress caused from school as well as those from friends. This therapy will also help with the body image issues that almost everyone in the age group faces by placing them in the situation where they are being touched in a good way. This type of therapy will also relax them and let them open up on their own about problems they may be having.

The massage therapy sessions will also assist muscles and joints in the growing process and will help with the physical pains of growing. The biggest key to this is finding someone whom your child will trust. Although you may want to perform this type of therapy yourself, your child may feel too uncomfortable about this and it would be best to let someone trained in the proper methods perform this type of therapy.

In many cases, it can be something you and your pre-teen do together in either a mother-daughter or father-son type of setting where the both of you are receiving massage therapy so that it isn’t too weird for the child. This can help the both of you connect and let the child open up to you about what they are feeling and thinking. This way you both can have the honest conversations that will help lead the child away from peer pressure and many harmful things such as drugs, alcohol and smoking.