Skincare Needs After You Wax

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The skincare a person needs after a wax might not be complicated. Still, the client will need to take care of his or her skin after a wax to make the best outcome more likely.

After a wax, the skin is a bit sore and sensitive and may be red. This discomfort should pass after a few hours anyway, but here are some tips to follow to make sure the skin heals in the way it should.

• Follow The Instructions of the Dermatologist

The client should follow the instructions of the dermatologist after the wax when it comes to skincare. The dermatologist might give the client a special lotion to use. Only this lotion should be used on the skin for the first day or two after the wax.

• Stay Out Of the Sun

The client should avoid being in direct sunlight for at least two days. If he or she really needs to go out, he or she should put on a sunscreen or cover the area of the skin that was waxed. Don’t overuse the sunscreen because even sunscreen can irritate just-waxed skin. By the way, any clothes worn should be loose and comfortable.

• Stay Out of the Heat

Heat can also irritate skin that’s just been waxed.

• Don’t Use Harsh Cleansers On the Skin

The area of the skin should not be subjected to harsh cleansers for a few days.

• Exfoliate

After the soreness in the skin has passed, the client should exfoliate gently to make sure that any ingrown hairs are removed. A loofah in the shower is good for this.

• Take Cool Showers or Baths

Hot water can inflame skin that’s been waxed, and cool water is soothing.