Massage Comforts Those Who are Grieving

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Grieving is a painful process that may affect the mind and the body with intense emotional and physical pain. The loss of a loved one may result in a deep depression that causes an unstable mood and leaves the body exhausted. Grief prevents the brain from creating the “feel good” chemicals that elevate the mood and bring a sense of happiness and well-being. The feeling of loss creates a tension in the body’s muscles that induces an overwhelming fatigue that may not be relieved by rest. Massage therapy is a powerful tool that may boost the mood and ease the physical pain by relieving body tension.

Massage Comforts the Mind

People experiencing grief commonly complain of unpredictable emotions that cause a feeling of unbearable despair. Massage comforts the mind by restoring the body’s natural antidepressant known as endorphins. The massage therapist moves the body’s tissues and stimulates the nervous system that evokes the production of this chemical. As endorphins spread through the body, the sufferer experiences waves of relaxation and an elevation in mood. It is not uncommon for people suffering the loss of a loved one to report a deep and restful sleep after they have completed a healing and nurturing massage.

Massage Relieves Pain and Tension

Body aches and pains related to grief inducing tension and exhaustion are frequently reported by people in the grieving process. Massage increases circulation and promotes the drainage of toxins that build up in the body tissues and induce pain. In addition, the action of massage increases oxygen to the body cells relieves the muscle spasms and frees the tension. People often report that they experience a significant decrease in fatigue and less physical discomfort after a therapeutic massage. The benefits of massage may restore mental health and relieve many of the symptoms associated with those experiencing the grieving process.