How Often Do I Need a Pedicure?

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Without the use of your feet, the average person would have a difficult time walking, running and engaging in routine activities throughout the day. Because the feet are often hidden, they are often neglected and seldom properly cared for. One of life’s best ways to pamper your feet is through a pedicure.

What is a Pedicure?

Life is full of wonderful treasures and one of those indulgences includes getting a pedicure. A pedicure is a wonderful procedure that is typically done at a spa or beauty salon. The treatment usually involves cleansing the feet, removing old nail polish, trimming toe nails, sloughing away dead skin from heel and bottoms of the feet, moisturizing, massaging and nail beautification. Salons and spas offer an assortment of pedicures geared for people depending on their specific needs. If you have dry or callused feet, a pumpkin pedicure uses pulp to exfoliate and moisturize the feet. For active people such as marathon runners or people that stand a majority of the day, a pedicure that involves reflexology or some kind of massage therapy is an added feature.

How Often Do I Need a Pedicure?

A pedicure is typically recommended every three to six weeks, depending on the individual. Some factors to take into consideration include how fast your toe nails grow, if you have painful ingrown toe nails or other foot related issues that need attention. You may also wish to get a pedicure monthly if you are taking a trip to an exotic beach or other outdoor destination where you will be showcasing your feet in sandals. During the summer months when individuals are in open toe shoes and other outdoor wear, people typically get a pedicure every couple of weeks, especially when the nail polish has worn off or they wish to change the color frequently.


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