The Best Massage for Your Aching Back

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Treatments for Aching Back

An aching back happens to everyone occasionally. An expert massage treatment can help to make you feel better quickly. A myofascial release massage offers several great benefits for your aching muscles, joints and fascia. This type of treatment assists with improving the range of motion of your spine. It helps the inflamed and swollen lymph glands to release excess fluid. Increasing circulation of the lymphatic system helps to keep tendons, ligaments and muscles from aching. At the same time, the tightened muscle tissue will relax. This relaxation stops the nerves in your spine from feeling pinched. 

Complete Massage Techniques

Because the spine begins at the top of your neck and ends at the tailbone, a complete back massage is imperative. A knowledgeable massage therapist will understand your entire body’s anatomy. They will carefully examine you to provide the best myofascial release massage. The massage therapist will notice your rigid or atrophied muscles while examining your skin condition. After the examination, a massage treatment can begin to stretch the fascia of the back. The massage therapist will focus on the outer layers of tissue first using tools, elbows or knuckles. Eventually, all the deeper layers of tissue will have their tension alleviated.

Relaxation and Relief of Pain

The spa will create a relaxing atmosphere for a great massage experience. There will be dim lighting and soothing music in your massage room. You will lie on a table or sit in a special chair. The massage therapist will use essential oils as they gently stroke, rub and knead the tissues of your aching back. The therapist will also massage other areas of your body to relieve tension. These areas may include your feet, legs, shoulders, arms and hands. This massage technique will eliminate your aching back pain.