Stimulate Yourself with an Acti-Sea Mud Wrap

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What is an Acti-Sea Mud Wrap?

Treat your body to an Acti-Sea mud wrap at a day spa or beauty salon. This self-care beauty treatment offers a chance to stimulate your skin with vital minerals. The aestheticians can gently exfoliate dry skin before wrapping you in a comforting warm mud wrap cocoon. Spas offer aromatic salt or sugar rubbing treatments with soft brush techniques before mud treatments. This decadent self-care mud treatment is made from five varieties of sea algae that contain detoxifying ingredients to firm body tissue. Smoothing mud wraps are created from exotic kelp for use by spas for self-care treatments. The organic rich sea algae mud wrap will revitalize tired skin with nutritious vitamins.

Application of Acti-Sea Mud Wraps

The aromatic mud wrap will be gently smoothed on your entire body in a warm spa environment. During the spa treatment, you can listen to soothing music. Aromatherapy candles will burn in the dimly lit room while you receive an expert muscle massage. Warmed soft linens will be wrapped around your body to allow the cleansing mud to seep into the pores of your skin. While the Acti-Sea mud wrap revives the skin, you can be treated to an additional scalp or foot massage. After the mud wrap treatment, your self-care program continues with a warm rinsing shower. Then deliciously scented moisturizing body butters are massaged with expert strokes from an aesthetician on your skin. The exotic body butters rehydrate, and smooth your skin tissue with exotic oils.