How to Prevent Painful Calluses on Feet

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What is a Callus?

Your feet can develop hardened skin layers due to friction or pressure from wearing tight uncomfortable shoes. These unattractive rough patches of skin are called calluses. They commonly occur on the soles of the feet. However, calluses can also occur on other areas of your feet. In addition, this dangerous skin condition can become infected or ulcerated. Small tough callus layers can also become corns. A corn is a nodule of dry callused skin that often develops on the toes. Occasionally, corns are also between the toes. Corns on the toes can cause intense pain because they rub against shoe surfaces while you are walking.

Callus Treatments

Proper foot care can prevent, and treat calluses. Individuals can schedule a pedicure at a spa or beauty salon. Trained aestheticians or foot health practitioners know how to remove a callus. An acti-sea mud wrap is a great skin care treatment that uses several types of algae to moisturize, firm, and stimulate various parts of the body. After a warm footbath in a special tub, the aesthetician will use a pumice stone to smooth away calluses from your feet. An aromatic sugar or salt rub can be used to remove dry skin cells from your feet too. You will feel no pain from these foot care treatments.

Additional Treatments

While having a spa pedicure you can also have warm healing paraffin treatments. The pedicurist can also expertly trim your cuticles and toenails. The experts who work in the spa make sure all pedicure instruments are properly cleaned, sanitized and stored. A specially trained therapist can gently massage your feet. Your toenails will be rehydrated with special aromatic exotic oils. You can choose from an assortment of colorful nail polishes, shiny lacquers and unique decorations to place on your toenails.