Great Ways to Have Beautiful and Happy Feet

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Caring for your feet is important to keep them healthy and beautiful. A foot has many bones, muscles and tendons. There are various spa treatments that can offer specialized foot care. Some spa treatments keep feet healthy while others assist in making your feet beautiful.

Soaking Techniques

Foot soaks are a great way to cleanse, and soften delicate skin. A special tub will be available to whirl water around your toes, soles and heels. Minerals may be added to the hot, warm or cold water to stimulate your blood circulation. Foot soaking prepares your feet for additional spa treatments.


Removing rough skin from heels keeps them beautiful. The aesthetician can use a pumice stone to rub calluses from the soles of your feet. They may use a granular scrub with a nice aroma to remove dried skin cells. A special foot care spa treatment is allowing small fish in a pool of water nibble the dead skin from your feet.


Treat your feet to one or more massage spa treatments. There are mudpack, essential oil, hot stone, reflexology, Swedish, Shiatsu and other varieties of massage techniques. A massage will relieve pinched nerves and aching muscles while increasing blood circulation.


A pedicure will make your feet attractive in sandals. Your toenails will be expertly trimmed and smoothed. The cuticles will be safely pushed in their proper place with an orange stick. The pedicurist will treat the toenails with oils before applying colorful polish, lacquers or painted designs.


Adding moisturizer to the skin is an important part of foot care. Spa treatments can include applying creams, lotions and oils on the toes, soles and heels of your feet. Your feet will be soft, beautiful and healthy after special spa treatments.