Suffering From Back Knots?

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Back knots are painful, tight nodules of tiny muscle fibers that bury themselves into the muscles. They cause muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness and too much time suffering with back pain. These back knots keep the muscles weak and tense at the same time. The good news is that trigger point massage provides much relief.

To perform a trigger point massage, walk your fingers over the muscle that is causing pain, looking for the most painful areas. You should feel the tight cluster of muscle about the same size of a pea. When you locate this area, press down on it applying pressure, and hold it down in place while breathing slowly four to five times. Immediately, you should notice the pain dissipating. Next, search for more trigger points. Usually these are found in clusters around the main knots you find. Repeat the same massage procedure with these tight spots until you feel relief.

Normally, painful knots are found around the shoulder area near the neck. When pressing into these trigger points for relief, turn your head from one side to the other side in a back and forth motion. When you discover a movement point that stretches that trigger point, and it actually feels good, repeat this type of stretching while holding that specific trigger point. This will offer much relief to the area with pain. Painful knots are usually found around the shoulder-blade area as well as the edges around the spine.

If the pain is in the lower back, the trigger points are usually found around the waist. Search for those areas while massaging your fingers into the waist until you find a trigger point. Gently press in deep, and hold that area while you relax and stretch the lower back. Twist your lower back as if you are looking over each shoulder, moving your lower back from side to side until you feel relief.

Back knots are something that many people suffer from, but gentle back massage on trigger points can provide a good bit of relief.