Why Employee Benefits Now Include Massage Therapy

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Many employers have come to realize that including massage therapy as part of the basic employee benefits is a wise move. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that massage can help to alleviate stress and enhance cognitive ability. Since the goal is to ensure that employees are productive and helping to generate revenue for the business, the therapy can be seen as an investment in the company’s well being.

What Massage Therapy Does for the Employee

Just about everyone has experienced a day at work when nothing seemed to work. Customers are disgruntled, the network is down, the information needed to complete a report is delayed. Complications of this type can increase the stress level of an employee in no time at all. Before long, the employee is irritable and may even feel like giving up.

The ability to have a massage can do wonders for the employee’s attitude. As the muscles and tissue are gently manipulated, the body and mind have a chance to escape from the tension. By the time the massage is complete, there is a good chance that the employee will have the energy, the focus and the drive to get back to work and make the best of things.

Even if the network is still down, the employee may find a way to work around the issue and still get his or her work done. The report is finished by the end of the day and all the customers are provided with responses that at least let them know they have not been forgotten.

What Massage Therapy Does for the Employer

When employees are frustrated and feel they can’t get anything done, they become less productive. This costs the employer money in the long run. By providing access to massage therapy, it is possible to alleviate that tension and help employees regain perspective. As a result, productivity begins to increase and the company makes more money.