Massage Can Help with Stiffness from the Cold

30 Nov Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Massage Can Help with Stiffness from the Cold

The winter months and bitter cold are upon us. It is that time of year when our bodies resist the temperatures and stiffness becomes a problem. For those who suffer any form of arthritis, the cold is especially challenging. Massage is an excellent way to deal with stiffness and fight the affects of winter’s bite.

No one should have to put up with discomfort from the cold. Whether arthritis is at the root of the problem, old injuries, or simply the weather, a massage can provide a wonderful source of relief. Schedule regular spa treatments during nature’s fiercest season and reap the rewards. There are many options for the type of massage as well. A deep tissue massage will give the most intense results while heated stones can be used for another form of massage. Smooth, warmed stones are actually pressed on different parts of the body to soothe sore muscles and joints. Aromatherapy adds relaxing scents. The proper lighting and music add to the experience as well. Step away from the cold outside and have a change in scenery. Consider a trip to the spa to be like a tropical vacation. Your stiff joints and sore muscles will thank you.

With regular trips for spa treatments, the effects of a thorough massage can endure until the next visit. Increase mobility and have less pain during the winter months by finding an excellent massage therapist. Get a good night’s rest as well with the benefits of massage as the body is relaxed and their is relief from pain. Massage is refreshing for the mind and spirit as well. You’ll find that life’s problems don’t seem as big or as hard to deal with after a trip to the spa. Give yourself the pampering you deserve and have better joint health.