Why You Should Try Hot Stone Therapy

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The hot stone therapy session is one form of massage therapy that uses preheated rocks to rebalance the body’s flow of energy. A stone massage is known to have a lot of therapeutic benefits for a person. The hot stone therapy massage consists of hot stones that are carefully placed along the different parts of the body.

What are the benefits of a massage using with stones?

The massage is beneficial for those with chronic pain, inflammation and muscle injures. Additional benefits to the treatment include stress relief. It also aids the body in removing all of the toxins that can impair the functioning of vital organs. This type of massage also promotes proper circulation in the body. The hot stone therapy is often suggested to those who struggle with chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, depression, MS and arthritis. People who have trouble sleeping also have found the therapy to be beneficial in helping them restore normal sleeping patterns.

What is the process like?

The hot stones are first heated to approximately 120 degrees. They are then placed along the different parts of the body. The heat released from the stones promotes relaxation with the muscles. The stones loosen up the tense muscles and promote relaxation for the individual.

Who would most likely benefit from having a hot stone massage session?

People who would most benefit from the procedure are those who work long hours at a desk. People who regularly commute long distances on a regular basis would also see relief from this session. Athletic and active people who have recently sustained injuries from working out are also ideal candidates for the massage.

Therapeutic treatments like hot stone massages offer many health benefits. Those suffering from chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia as well as those experiencing difficulty recovering from injuries will see benefits from stone massage therapy.