Choosing The Right Massage For You

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Getting a massage not only feels wonderful, but it can also offer so many health benefits as well. It is known to be one of the most effective ways to get relaxed, reduce stress and heal the body and mind. There are various types of massages to choose from. Each one has special benefits. Choosing the right one can be confusing. Below are the top types of massages that you can get and the benefits of each.

Swedish Massage

This is probably the most common type of massage spa treatments. As you lie down on the table, the therapist will massage oils over your body with long and smooth strokes. To get into your muscles, they will use gentle, yet firm, kneading motions. This will give you a very relaxing feeling. This type of massage is great for those who want to reduce stress, tension and relieve minor aches and pains around their body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Even though this type of massage is not as soothing and relaxing as the swedish massage, there are still many benefits from receiving it. The massage therapist will work hard to address the surface below your muscles. This massage works into deeper tissues and muscle layers. For people who suffer from chronic muscle pain, this is the massage choice for you. If you have a postural problem that causes pain, this type of massage can offer relief from the discomfort that it can cause. Likewise, a deep tissue massage is also known to help relieve tension headaches as well.

Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage has been used for centuries for relieving stress, tension, headaches and other minor aches and pains. The therapist will first put massage oils on you before they begin to place hot stones along your back. The stones are smooth and flat and will be used to apply the heat to your back. The therapist will ensure that the stones are not too hot before they put them on your back.