Children and Massage

29 Oct Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Children and Massage

One of the amazing benefits of massage is that people of all ages can have them. Today, newborns and younger children are benefiting from massage therapy as well as spa treatments for many reasons. Parents are choosing massage therapy as a form of alternative treatment for their children.

The technique used for massage therapy in babies and children is very alike. The difference is in the way the child or baby is handled and the benefits they provide depending on the child’s age.

When performing infant massage, extreme care is required because it has an impact on the brain. There are many benefits to this type of special touch to a baby or child. Infant massage enhances the baby’s mental, physical, emotional and social development. The massage creates a wonderful bond between the parent and child as they get exposed to a new type of gentle touch. More so, massage therapy has proven to be extremely effective in helping premature babies put on weight. Massage therapy will improve motor development in a child who was exposed to cocaine, and it helps increase the function of breathing in babies who have asthma. These babies show a decline in stress and anxiety after they receive massage treatments.

We all know that babies cry a lot, which is a means of expressing themselves during the infancy stages. Gently massaging a baby can sooth the crying and help relieve symptoms of colic, digestive ailments and circulatory problems. Just thirty minutes of massage therapy for a baby can prove to be a win-win for both the baby and parent.

One of the best parts of massage therapy is that it offers a completely natural way to help several issues without any use of prescription medications or drugs. Massage therapy is 100 percent safe, and it has no side effects for children or babies whatsoever. Massage therapy is an ideal form of touch for babies and children both.