Massage Treatments Help Promote Weight Loss

22 Oct Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Massage Treatments Help Promote Weight Loss

Massage treatments are a powerful solution when it comes to weight loss because of the natural benefits to the body. Spa treatments that focus on losing excess weight will often include massage because it promotes weight loss over time.

Stress Relief:

The element of massage that has the largest impact on weight is the reduction of stress. The stress hormone in the body results in putting more fat on the belly, hips and thighs. It also leads to binge eating or eating larger portions as a coping method.

Massage naturally causes the body to relax and reduces stress levels in the blood. As a result, the body holds on to less fat and the risk of overeating to cope with the uncomfortable emotional state is reduced. Over time, the smaller portion sizes and the lower stress levels will result in reduced weight.

Improved Immune Health:

The immune system has an impact on weight because an unhealthy body is more prone to sedentary lifestyle habits and poor nutrition habits. Spa treatments that focus on massage help improve the circulation and the immune system over time. When the body feels healthier, it is easier to become more active and eat a healthier diet.

A weak immune system can lead to sickness, discomfort or general grogginess that prevents the ability to get active and stick to a diet plan. When the body feels healthy, energy levels are high and the diet plan is easier to manage.

Massage therapy is useful when it comes to reaching weight loss goals. While the massage does not directly impact weight, over time the lower stress levels and improved health will result in better weight loss capabilities. Losing weight is a challenge, but feeling comfortable and eliminating the negative emotions that result in more fat on the belly will make it easier to keep reaching for a goal.