Give Yourself a Hand: Care for Your Cuticles

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Basic Information about CuticlesTaking care of our hands is important. Cuticles are located on each finger. This thin skin is on the sides and base of fingernails. The medical name for this layer of skin is eponychium. The eponychium protects the pterygium. Both layers of skin protect the body from dangerous bacteria. Drink adequate amounts of water to keep the eponychium and pterygium hydrated.Manicurists

A manicurist is a professional who takes care of fingernails. They can polish and shape the fingernails. They may also apply lotions and massage oils to the hands. These treatments are called manicures. These beauty care professionals are educated and trained in caring for cuticles. They use proper techniques to take care of fingernails. Schedule a visit to a manicurist for fingernail treatments each week.

Protect the Cuticles

Protect your hands from water and chemicals. Wear special gloves while washing dishes. You can also wear gloves while cleaning the house, washing laundry or other household chores. Keeping the fingernails polished can protect them from damage. However, nail polishes also cause fingernails to become dry. Use lotions on the hands to keep the skin soft and moist. Invest in a quality cream made especially for the eponychium. Rub this cream onto the base of the fingernails.

Additional Care for the Fingernails

Purchase a small orange stick designed for fingernails. An orange stick can be used to gently push the eponychium toward the base of the fingernail. If your cuticles are dry, then use special oil treatments on them. Special clippers can be used to trim hangnails from the nail bed. Make sure the eponychium is not damaged while trimming hangnails. Eat a nutritious diet that includes fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and lean meats. Using vitamin supplements can assist in keeping cuticles strong and healthy.