Spa Secrets from the World’s Healthiest Women

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Whether a spa patron is seeking skincare, health benefits, or simply relaxation, countries around the world have some intriguing curative techniques. These international spa treatments are as beneficial as they are exotic. With so many new innovations, as well as ancient techniques, the world of spa treatment is more exciting than ever before.

Using a fish for exfoliation may seem a bit extreme, but Turkish women have enjoyed the benefits of the kangal fish for years. These fish are unique in that they only remove unhealthy and dead areas of skin, making them an excellent exfoliating beauty treatment. With their ability to alleviate skin illnesses, as well as problems with dry skin, these fish are called doctor fish for a reason.

Women in Iceland have the option of relaxing in Iceland’s natural geothermal spas. Heated by lava fields, these warm pools are generally between 98 and 102 degrees in temperature. Natural minerals like silica and sulfur are excellent for skin and facial care.

Spa destinations in India offer some of the most deeply relaxing beauty treatments in the world. One of the most common treatments in India is the Shirodhara, a wonderfully soothing head massage. In addition to massage, Shirodhara also involves slowly pouring hot oil onto the head, as well as a moisturizing body wrap.

Spa patrons in the Czech Republic know that beer is not just for drinking. Czech women can visit relaxing beer spas, indulging in the unique experience of soaking in a frothy brew. Beer spas are not just for novelty, however, and patrons enjoy healing effects on the hair, complexion, immune system, tense muscles, and aching bones.

In Japan, going to the beach is not always about the ocean water. Hot sand spas have been gaining popularity in the country for years. This treatment involves dressing patrons in special suits and submerging them in hot sand. The hot sand treatment is highly sought after for its detoxifying effects.