Putting the “Ah” in Spa with Swedish Relaxation Massage

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Swedish massage is just one of many different types of massage that spa clients looking for a relaxing and therapeutic experience can choose. During Swedish massage, the massage therapist uses several different kinds of movements to detoxify the muscles. The therapist will use oils to make the massage more pleasant for the client, and will always move his or her hands toward the client’s heart. The movements used by the therapist include gliding, kneading, tapping, and circular motions. The pressure applied by the therapist varies in accordance with the client’s needs. All of these body works are done for a specific reason to aid in the client’s relaxation.

The benefits of Swedish massage include a feeling of rejuvenation and increased vigor, coupled with the characteristic relaxation feeling that comes from massage in general. The movements used in Swedish massage are helpful for reducing muscle cramps and releasing knots and tension, which is soothing, and also for increasing circulation to the muscles, which helps to energize them. Generally, Swedish massage is beneficial for anyone with sore or tense muscles or inadequate circulation. Muscle fatigue and muscle injury can be helped by a Swedish massage session. The techniques for increasing blood circulation used in Swedish massage can help people who have cellulite as well.The therapist will make sure to lubricate the area of the body to be worked in order to reduce friction and to increase the client’s comfort level, then will start with gentle strokes and will increase pressure as needed. The therapist may inquire as to the amount of pressure desired. It is important for clients of massage therapists to be upfront about any medical conditions they may have, such as soreness or muscle spasms. A good therapist will always make sure the client is comfortable before beginning the massage therapy session.