Spa Treatments Of Stars

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The Seaweed Body Treatment

This is one of the many spa treatments that Hollywood stars undergo quite often. It is because the body gets massaged and covered with serum and clay to improve circulation, oust toxins and smooth the skin all over. During the process, a thermal blanket is placed on the body to encourage the nutrients in the serum and clay to penetrate deeply. The deeper they do, the more the skin becomes invigorated, with a new lease on life. This is evident by the radiant body of the Hollywood stars Vera Farmiga and Diane Lane, who are fans of the Seaweed Body Treatment as well as the Hydra-Dermbrasion Resurfacing procedure.

Hydra-Dermbrasion Resurfacing

This anti-aging treatment, in fact, is among the top celebrity secrets that a lot of Hollywood A-listers, including Ellen DeGeneres, are overly fond of. They are because all it takes is approximately 110 minutes for this state-of-the-art procedure to transform the body into an aesthetically appealing temple. Although the results do depend on the physician, the skin will be refined, renewed and hydrated on the inside and out. Many stars, aside from Ellen, who have undergone this procedure have taken advantage of what Rejuvanessence has to offer as well.

Holistic Facial | Rejuvanessence

Rejuvanessence is by far one of the most beneficial skincare treatments available. With Cranial Sacral Therapy and a combination of organic beauty products, Rejuvanessence not only offers a more relaxed appearance, but it uplifts the face, releasing the tension in muscles and tissues, and improves circulation and skin tone. The beloved celebrity Naomi Watts is definitely a huge fan of this skin treatment.