Get Ready for (and Bounce Back From) Vacation

14 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Get Ready for (and Bounce Back From) Vacation

You’ve been working hard and now you’ve finally planned your holiday vacation. Do it right with a soothing spa treatment before you head out and another when you return home to make it the best holiday ever.

Before You Leave

Whether you plan to lounge by the beach all day or trek up a mountain, you want your skin in excellent condition. A full body exfoliation treatment is like a hair-cut for your skin. It removes the dead layers and grimy build-up, leaving your skin bright, soft, and clean. While you’re at it, why not look your best with a fresh trim or funky, new ‘do? While you’re at it, let the spa professionals take care of those fingernails and toenails, too. A manicure and pedicure will insure that your hands and feet look their best. You’ll pick a polish color that suits you and the spa staff will take care of cleaning, trimming, buffing, and polishing those nails. Bonus: you’ll get a mini-massage in the process!

Upon Your Return

You’re back home now, but don’t let the holiday end just yet. Ease back into work with a little relaxation time at the spa. The change in routine caused by traveling can throw your body out of whack. Help yourself readjust with a deep tissue massage to release the stress you built up during your journey. A massage will stimulate blood circulation and loosen up sore muscles. Meanwhile, you get some quiet time to reflect on your travels. You deserve a soothing spa treatment before you make the transition back to work.